How can Artificial Intelligence help my business?

At Intelidat, we are all about Data. Quality, Intelligent Data that will benefit your business. Data that helps inform business management as to where the business is and how it is performing. Building information on your business is all down to data.

Using this information to inform;

  • developing deeper knowledge about how your business works helps you know your business better.
  • Helps you identify threats and turn them into opportunities.
  • Helps you identify opportunities and develop those fully.
  • Helps you forecast more accurately.

That all comes down to the need for good quality, Intelligent Data.

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The latest buzz with Data is Artificial Intelligence (AI). If, as a business, you were still not sure about the need for proper data then AI should be the reason to rethink that belief.

AI encompasses a number of disciplines. Some are still in their infancy but the basics are now mainstream. The key subsets of AI are Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL). They both rely on having access to Data; learning from that data to predict outcomes. ML relies on structured data whereas Deep Learning uses artificial neural networks to identify patterns and outcomes.

The common denominator is that they both need good quality data.

The better the data, the better the results. It is not special data. It is the same data that you use in your Business Intelligence function

Key benefit areas

1 Forecasting

Start simple. Is there one key performance indicator where you would like to improve your forecasting model.

2 Customer Experience

Chat bots, sales automation software and quote automation systems are all examples of AI use cases designed to improve sales and customer services. As potential clients we expect and demand an improved personalised service in all aspects of our lives. Your clients are no different.

3 Operational systems

AI can impact operations is all business areas. The main benefits can be felt by improving the speed of business which in turn will lead to efficiency and productivity gains. Any business operation that relies on humans and spreadsheets is probably ripe for AI. Whether that be analytics, delivery or monitoring, computers can process data both more quickly and with less error than humans. The potential benefits are large. Release humans for creative duties at which we excel; leave the data processing to the computers.

4 Finance and Accounting

From Sales & Purchase Daybooks to Trial balance sheets it is an unfortunate fact that many finance teams become mired in consolidation and reporting functions; gathering data from across the business, rekeying data into financial systems (software, technology and spreadsheets) and thereby lose sight of their role as a key strategic business partner.

5 IT and Cybersecurity

Threat detection and service monitoring are well served today. Capacity planning, network security and computing cost prediction are also areas that AI is bringing changes to bear

6 Internal Functions

HR functions such as recruitment analytics, workforce planning and resume screening can improve both quality of service and remove bias in decision making

Artificial Intelligence can help…

  • make processes more efficient and more accurate by automating manual, people draining processes.
  • improve decision making by identifying discrete patterns in both structured and unstructured data.
  • improving customer facing processes can help enhance customer experiences, improve relationships, and support brand values.
  • release professionals to focus on value adding activities rather than time consuming data roles

AI can lead to

  • Cleaner Data, greater accuracy, identify efficiency opportunities
  • Better forecasting
  • Improve speed and accuracy of planning
  • Deliver enhanced customer experience
  • Release human potential

AI adoption can yield key benefits in efficiency, productivity, and insights.

Where do you go from here?

Artificial Intelligence is now with us and early adopters are getting traction.

Identify problems you want to resolve or processes you want to improve.

Do you have a process that is dependent on humans and spreadsheets? Do you have a key metric you want to forecast?

You don't have to revolutionise your whole data stack and tech stack

  • Prioritise your objectives.
  • Review your existing tech stack for AI capabilities
  • Set clear objectives
  • Start now

Is your business ready for AI...

Ask yourself…

  • What is stopping you from starting now?

  • Do you have a process or system that is slow and inaccurate?

  • Do you do any forecasting or predictions and want better quality?

  • Can you afford to be left behind?

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