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At Intelidat we are dedicated to the pursuit and use of Information that can be used to deliver Artificial Intelligence tools and support automation and decision making.

The 21st Century is being marked by the need to make decision faster based on quality information. The days of gut-feel and experience are being consigned to history. To get to this position, businesses can no longer get by with adequate data, but need to focus on their current data sources and prepare for information and data that they will need to answer the new questions that they will be asking themselves. Information and data needs have never stood still and the rate of change and the standards required are going up all the time.

How do businesses address this new world?

By building our Information on solid foundations.


Leadership & Culture

Business Architecture

Business Glossary or Knowledge Hub

Master Data Structure

Integrated Business Systems


Data Governance Structures

Leadership & Culture

Whilst technology will be instrumental in delivering success, leadership in this area is not based on technological expertise.

Success is based on understanding how technology can be harnessed to meet your business needs.

Business Architecture

Understanding what the business needs, where and in what order, requires a detailed knowledge of how the business works. 

How the people, processes, systems and technology work together to achieve the Strategic Objectives.

Business Glossary

Computers work in ones and zeros. Something is either completely correct or its wrong. It cannot be broadly correct!

This means that every metric, KPI, even goal and strategic objective must be defined so it will only return the correct answer

Get these three issues right is essential for any business which calls itself Data-Driven, needs to be AI-Ready or is looking for the magic 1% productivity improvements across the whole business.

How does Intelidat help?


Building a clear focus between the business needs and technical delivery arm of the business is a key factor.

This calls for a practitioner who is a cross between a COO and CIO. Experienced in delivering Business Solutions, leading Digital Transformations, and implementing technology solutions that meet the needs of the business.

Who understands what technology should be achieving.

Whether as a Board advisor, Fractional Executive, Mentor or Advisor to an existing team, Intelidat will a solution to suit each client.

There is no one solution for all clients but getting this right is crucial to deliver success.

Business Architecture

As partners of iGrafx, Intelidat are in a unique position to help a business of any size address their architecture and modelling needs.

iGrafx is one of the worlds leading BPM solutions.

Business Process Flow

Process Mining

When it does not suit a client, we use alternative solutions