Book a virtual meeting with Philip Milne

To arrange a one to one session with Philip Milne, select from one of the 3 options below.

Virtual Coffee – this gives us 15 minutes to share some time together. Only issue, is you will have to bring your own coffee (or drink of your choice) and any snacks. Sorry. Working on sorting this issue.

Virtual 1/2 hour – as it says on the tin, we can meet for 30 minutes and explore ideas in greater depth. If you have a question round implementing your own Information Strategy or want generic advice on systems, data or information then book a Virtual 1/2 hour.

Discovery Call gives us a one hour slot. I prefer this if we are looking to see if we can work together and exploring needs and solutions.

Please feel free to book a slot.

I will follow up on your booking with an email contact.

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