How to maximise the value of your data

Is your data a business asset?

  • Is your data aligned with your business?
  • Are you spending money on technology but not seeing any ROI?
  • Are your systems efficient, scalable and driving business performance?

The Core Foundations that underpin Data Value start with your Information Strategy. If you want help developing a robust Information Strategy that will underpin the value of your data, call us on 0330 0430 6949

At Intelidat, we work with businesses that value their data. We help lay the foundations to underpin their Information needs.

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6 Steps of your Information Strategy help align your data and systems to your business goals and build data value.

  1. Your Enterprise Architecture
  2. Business Glossary
  3. Master Data Structure
  4. Management Information Systems
  5. Integrated Business Systems
  6. Data Governance Plan

Discovery Call

At Intelidat, we offer a limited number of complimentary discovery calls.

This is a chance for you to share your current Information state situation with an expert in this field.

The call will take up to an hour.

The screening questions include the following

  1. Headcount – so we can asses where in the business lifecycle you may be at the moment
  2. Do you have an Information Strategy
  3. What current challenges are you facing
  4. What would you like to achieve in the next 12 months

Our aim in this call is to deliver value to you, not to make a sale!