Intelidat – Frequently Asked Questions

This page is also designed to act as a fledgling knowledge base for Intelidat.

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Tracking a bespoke parameter

If you decide to add a bespoke parameter to your inbound links, you must prepare Google Analytics to understand what it means.

GA will understand your 5 basic UTM parameters (Campaign, Source, Medium, as well as Content & Term). It will also understand Google (gclid), Facebook (fbclid). If you add one like dtpim, then you need to define it in Google Analytics and tag it using Google Tag Manager. This document will help you follow the required steps

Tracking Custom Parameters

Splitting your Social Traffic into Paid and Organic

While Google Analytics does an excellent job of splitting paid and organic search traffic, it is not so good when it comes to Social Traffic. This causes issues by lumping everything under Social and even by inflating Direct Traffic statistics.