The AI Revolution – Get AI Sorted

How to get AI sorted without wasting a lot of Money

70% of Digital Transformations Fail

Do not underestimate the cost of poor leadership or the value of experience leadership in this statistic.

If you have any questions, want some advice or just need to discus how to start your AI journey, then please book a call.

What is it all about?

The Webinar concentrates on the key phases required to get AI-Ready.

1 The Foundations

Whether you are focussed on AI, becoming Data-Driven, or looking to improve productivity, getting your Digital Foundations in place are vital.

  • Where does your business use AI?
  • Where can AI help?

2 What is AI and where do you need it?

  • AI is not ChatGPT.
  • Generative AI is an exciting strand of AI

There are many strands of AI: from Automation and RPA to fuzzy logic.

  • Which bit or bits do you need?

Understanding the different AI disciplines will help you build a solution that will work for your Business.

3 Knowing how to blend AI with your Business needs

  • This is not so easy to teach
  • This is where money gets wasted.
  • Technology choice is only part of the solution.

AI-Ready, Data-Driven, Productivity

The Key Drivers

that underpin your data and Information foundations

  • Leadership
  • Business Architecture
  • Business Glossary
  • Master Data Structure (MDS)
  • Integrated Business Systems
  • Reporting Democracy
  • Data Governance Structures

Resources – additional videos

Business Architecture Tools

View Business Process Management video

Whether you use it as a Business Process Model or a Digital Transformation Platform this is like having a Crystal Ball to see into the future. It helps identify business continuity and resilience plans. It does not take as much work as you think but will deliver a tool with real long term value.

View Process Mining video

No Business Process Model and you need quick insights? Process Mining is a powerful tool that helps business discover process flows using data they already have in nearly every technology platform they use. Its called log files and combining these through the Process Mining Tool, delivers an accurate representation of how your processes are actually executed. You will be alerted to bottleneck, duration and variations in process steps. This can be used to increase efficiency, compliance and identify areas ready for automation.

Business Glossary

View Business Knowledge Hub Video

How much time do your staff waste asking or answering questions, or looking for digital resources like Policies, Templates or SOPs. What if you were losiong 5, 10 or even 20% of a productive time each and every day.

A Glossary helps you define terms, acronyms and initials to reduce muddle and improve communication.

In a Data-Driven Business this is extended to every Goal, KPI, and every metric you track.

How can you measure something if there is more than one definition of that metric?

While a business glossary is all about definitions, a Knwledge Hub goes a stage further by delivering the correct didgiatl resource on request. Document versions, variants, old policies becoem a thing of the past.

We regard this as the quickest Productivity Boost you can deliver to your business. One price, unlimited users.

Simple to use, open to all; like your own Search Tool for your business found on your Intranet