The Business Glossary

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The template is an ideal way to start your Glossary journey.

A Glossary entry has a Term and a Definition.

In a Glossary, a Term can only have one Definition.

If you use the Term Customer and it has a different meaning to someone in Sales rather than Finance then, for communications purposes, you need to have more that one customer type or term.

Customer (Sales) & Customer (Finance) may be a suitable solution.

For example:

  • Customer (Sales) is the individual that places an order.
  • Customer (Operations) is the department that accepts deliveries
  • Customer (Finance) is the legal entity that pays the invoice.

To answer the question, “How many Customers do we have?“, you need to agree which of your 3 customer terms you use as a “Customer”

A Definition can link to multiple Terms.

Gross Profit is a Term.

It might also be referred to as GP or GEM or Gross Event Margin.

Gross Profit is defined as “The difference between net sales and the cost of goods sold.”

Whether you use the Term Gross Profit, GP, GEM, or Gross Event Margin, the Definition does not change: it will always be The difference between net sales and the cost of goods sold.

Customer is a good example where your business may be using one term, with multiple definitions.

  • The term Customer to a Sales Person may mean something different in Finance.
  • Therefore you have two terms Customer (Sales) and Customer Finance asnd each will have a unique definition.
At Intelidat, we think it is valuable to add object values to every Term.

  • Term Type
  • Department & Topic
  • Term Owner

For Term Types, we suggest starting with the following

  1. Acronym / Initialism
  2. Business Term
  3. Document
  4. Goal
  5. KPI
  6. Metric
  7. Report

In the template, we include default Department and Topic suggestions as simple Lookups.

The owner is responsible for that Term / Definition and manages any changes or updates.

Taking it to the next level.

We recommend two paid options below.

We recommend two paid options

Beyond an excel template.

The key criteria for a successful Glossary is that it should be easy to find, easy to use and both relevant and up to date. A glossary based in a document (such s the template) may fall down on one or more of these criteria.

Business Glossary (Online)

This simple solution will allow you to manage your Glossary online.

You pay a one time fee to Intelidat and get the solution to host in your account*.

Business Knowledge Hub

This is a key tool in taking your communications, productivity and efficiency to the next level.

A simple recurring fee will allow you to run a Central Source of Truth for your business.

You can see more here – Business Glossary & Knowledge Hub

* Additional Subscription fees may apply

To go beyond the excel template, and learn about the Business Glossary or Business Knwoledge Hub and how to apply for one of these solutions, press the button below.


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