Many organisations are ready for Artificial Intelligence (AI).  They just don’t know it.

Data Quality is THE key prerequisite for developing your Business Intelligence (BI) function.  The same is true for Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Quality Data is always key. If you are having issues with Data Quality, read more here.

Your techies will be talking about Data Lakes, Data Warehouses & enhanced data pipelines.  You may be wrestling with applications and business systems, with data storage, master data management strategies, cybersecurity and GDPR.  The list goes on and on.

This all sounds costly.  So, when does all this cost & effort deliver value?

At the most basic level, it’s when; 

  • You trust your data and have confidence in your business information.
  • You have the ability to view a dashboard, run a report or extract available information for the business at the time  it needs it.
  • You are not waiting on other departments or specialist individuals to pull the requisite facts together at the time that you need them.

This is the most basic function of BI.

The more complicated you have made your systems the bigger this team will be, and, often, the poorer the experience.

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Knowing where you are today is a basic need in modern business.  With the tools and technology at our disposal, not having proper data and reliable information available at your fingertips is almost criminal. 

This becomes more important when you consider the benefits that AI might bring to your business.

What is AI and how can you benefit?

What we often refer to as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is generally a concept called Machine Learning (ML).  We feed in rows of data, we look for patterns and we build models that will predict outcomes.

Not long ago, building models like this was the domain of big business with masses of data and deep pockets.  You needed powerful computers and experts: data scientists and data analysts.  They would propose a hypothesis (or several) and then test them.  The results took time and money to achieve.  Today, technology has moved on so fast that this is available to all of us; we no longer need teams of Data Scientists and supercomputers. 

The power of ML is available to all.  You just need the data.

It is not special data.  It is the same data that your BI team is striving to achieve.  So while you are building an enhanced Data Pipeline for your BI, why not use that for your AI/ML function.

If you are building dashboards and reports that tell you where your business and marketing is today, why not start using that same information to work out where you might go next.

Where to start

If you want to look into AI/ML then start with a simple question:

  • What is the key metric you would like to forecast?
    • Hopefully, it is one of your business KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) so you should have some data already available.
  • You now have your first potential model to build.

Intelligent Data has the ability to be transformational for your business. And you can take advantage of that transformation.

Will you benefit from AI? Will you use your Intelligent Data to advise you on your next business move? Can you afford to wait and see?

The value of data lies in what you learn from that data. Otherwise, it’s just data: something that costs money to collect, store and secure. And if you lose it, or abuse it, it is something that could cost you lots more money.

What data you need, how you capture, store and use it, should be a matter for concern at the highest levels in a business.

Who is responsible for your data? Who ensures that you use data to benefit your business?

This is where Intelidat can help

At Intelidat, we focus on the information needs of any business. We understand the overlapping requirements of the whole of the Data Ecosystem. How people, processes, systems and technology play their part and how all of these meet the commercial needs of the business through Intelligent Data. We can help you see the wood for the trees and break down the solution into logical steps to follow.

If you want to discuss how you can start leveraging greater value from your data and the prospect of using Artificial Intelligence for your business, please contact us today.

Ask yourself…

  • Are you ready for “AI”?

  • What is stopping you from starting now?

  • Are your competitors doing “AI”?

  • Can you risk being left behind?

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