The basic metrics you should track on your website

The key website metrics that you should track regularly are shown below.  Google Analytics and Google Search Console may not be the easiest tools to use but they do provide the data that you need to keep on top of your websites performance.

Website Traffic – an indicator of overall performance

  • This measures the number of users visiting your website.

  • You can split it into new users and returning users.

This traffic will tell you how your site is performing in the most general manner.

Are your numbers growing or falling? Do you notice spikes associated with promotional activity? Does this suggest you need to do more of such activities? Are new users and repeat users changing at the same rate? What does this tell you about the loyalty of your users or methods you are following to attract new users.

User traffic is a vanity metric. It gives a guide to overall performance but is often not used as a KPI.

audience overview in google analytics

Audience overview in Google Analytics

Traffic Source

From where does your traffic come?

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