How to engage, retain and convert your visitors into advocates.

Using visitor activity to tailor your marketing responses

What is the purpose of your website?

If you could distil the job that your website is meant to do into one function, what would it be?

If you cannot decide what this is straight away, please do not despair.  It is a question that many business owners and managers find difficult to answer.

To make a website effective an answer really needs to be found.

It may be brand support, a lead generator, or an online shop.  You may be encouraging visitors of all kinds to simply visit so you can generate advertising income.  Or you may be a media supplier wanting visitors to consume content.

Over time websites tend to lose focus and the reason why you built your site, how it supports and fits into your digital strategy, your marketing plan of even your business plan may get lost.

Traditional Analytics using Dashboards and key performance metrics can get less effective

Sales automation – how to engage, retain and convert your visitors into advocates

Ask yourself…

  • What does your website say about you and your brand?

  • Do you understand what your site looks like and how it should develop?

  • Do you monitor your site on an ongoing basis?

  • What happens when your site is not available?

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